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Mj Fresh Tempting The Nutter [HD 720]

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HD 720
Mj Fresh Tempting The Nutter
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280x720
Quality: HD 720
Duration: 00:32:07
File Size: 1.36 GB
Actress: MJ Fresh
Genre: All sex, blowjob, brunette, white, hardcore, cumshot, facial, interracial, milf, big tits, shaved, deep throat, big dick, big cock, busty, facefuck, rough, young, doggystyle, missionary, riding, cow girl, vaginal, small booty, small butt

Description: Damion Dayski can't stop jerking off, and his roommate, MJ Fre$h, is sick of it. She decides to place a little bet. If he can go one week without nutting, she'll give him $100. He takes the deal but immediately regrets it, as he gets way too horny to even function. MJ decides to try to tempt him into breaking the bet. She gets dressed up nice and sexy for him, and tries to get him to fold. He immediately caves once he sees her perfect body and amazing tits. She gives him a much needed blowjob before he takes control and fucks her in multiple positions and lets out a huge load all over her face.

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