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Hazel Grace, Jessica Starling & Naomi Foxxx [FullHD 1080]

Photo of Hazel Grace, Jessica Starling & Naomi Foxxx
FullHD 1080
Hazel Grace, Jessica Starling & Naomi Foxxx
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Description: What really goes on in a model house? Good question. After all, we see them on tv all the time. Young adults locked in a house with 24 hour cams running to broadcast their fights and loves. Such drama. Trust me there is. All these young models come to LA to shoot tv shows, modeling, porn etc and they get tossed into these houses where they pay for a bed for the week, month,whatever. Shit goes down. Take young neophyte Jessica. Blonde, sexy and a newbie hoping to break into porn and be something. She hails from the mountains of Canada and has never been to the big city before. Now she starts her first week in porn and she is booked in lesbian scene. Oh my god - Jessica has never been with a woman. She has never had her nose buried in snatch. This can be traumatizing for a young girl. Lucky for her a couple of hot black girls at the model house are more than happy to let her try their pussies out. Get your tongue in here girl - we will show you the way. This is a teary eyed cumming of age story that is sure to melt even the most jaded of hearts. Jessica gets to bond with two of her new short term roommates - Naomi from Jamaica and the Southern Belle Hazel Grace. Soon Jessica discovers what all girls discover when they move to LA. All girls are lesbians deep down inside.

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