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Hazel Moore, Alison Rey Favorite Meal [FullHD 1080]

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Hazel Moore, Alison Rey Favorite Meal
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Resolution: 1920x1080
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Duration: 00:31:34
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Genre: Brunette, Lesbian, Natural Tits, Petite, Pussy Eating, Romantic, Small Tits, Teen, Shaved, Kissing, Hairy

Description: Alison Rey is cooking a nice anniversary dinner for her girlfriend, Hazel Moore. Satisfied with how the cooking is going, she removes her apron, revealing the new dress she is wearing for the occasion. Alison then realizes that she forgot to add pepper to the sauce, and rushes to add it before it's too late - without putting her apron back on. She accidentally spills sauce onto her dress, ruining it. Dismayed, Alison wonders what she should do now. Sure, she could just wear one of her old dresses, but she wanted to make this evening really special for Hazel. Wearing an old dress that Hazel has already seen just sounds less special... but Hazel will be home from work soon, so there isn't time to buy a new one. Alison tries to think of something else she can wear, and then seems to get an idea. A short time later, Hazel arrives home, and hears Alison's voice instructing her to go wait in the dining room for a surprise. Hazel appreciatively says that she can already guess what the surprise is, because she can smell it from here. It's her favorite meal, and it's SO sweet of Alison to make it for their anniversary. However, Alison mysteriously calls out that it's only PART of the surprise. Now intrigued, Hazel enters the dining room and sits down at the table. Before long, Alison brings in napkins and cutlery while wearing her apron... and NOTHING else. Alison delights Hazel by making a flirty presentation of setting up the meal, going back and forth between the dining room and kitchen a few times to bring out all the dishes and food. Every time Alison heads back to the kitchen, she walks with a deliberate sway in her step to flaunt her exposed ass. As a final touch, Alison puts a cloth napkin on Hazel's lap, and Hazel playfully stops Alison from withdrawing her hand. After all, an anniversary dinner is wonderful, but anniversary lovemaking is even better!

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