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Lily Larimar & Molly Little - Naughty Elves On A Shelf [FullHD 1080]

FullHD 1080
Lily Larimar & Molly Little - Naughty Elves On A Shelf
Format: [xfvalue_format]
Resolution: 1920x1080
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:23:49
File Size: 1.20 GB
Genre: Tattoo, Blonde, Blowjob, Cum In Mouth, Deep Throat, Fair Skin, Ffm, Heels, High Heels, Shaved, Shaved Pussy, Small Boobs, Stocking, Stockings, Swallow

Description: Lily Larimar and Molly Little are fucking with Molly's stepbrother Codey Steele by pretending to be elves frozen in various positions. They want Codey's cum, so they first try to get him to jack off into some clingwrap on the toilet. Then they put together some free elf pussy for him. When Codey finds an elf planetarium that shows off Molly's anus through a telescope, he's had enough. He decides to have some fun. Pulling Lily's elf costume aside, Codey shoves it in as she does her best to hold her pose and the moan. Picking Lily up, Codey moves her out of the way so he can slide on home into Molly's snatch. Then he moves both girls to the couch and opens their mouths so he can face fuck Lily and then Molly. When Codey flips Molly onto her back so he can fuck her, he also puts Lily onto her knees so he can eat her ass and finger her puss. Next Codey puts Lily on her knees and gives it to her in doggy as he fingers Molly's smooth fuck hole. As Codey gets closer to cumming, he lays the girls down on their backs side by side. He gives it to Molly first, then moves on over to Lily. When Codey is ready to blow his load, he gives the cum to Lily as he nuts in her mouth. Lily comes back to life and shares the cum with Molly, who also comes to life. The girls tell Codey his cum is magical and now he's responsible for fucking them every day.

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