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Jopay - Desperate Filipina Seeks Foreign Sperm Donor [FullHD 1080]

FullHD 1080
Jopay - Desperate Filipina Seeks Foreign Sperm Donor
Format: [xfvalue_format]
Resolution: 1920x1080
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:29:30
File Size: 1.28 GB
Actress: Jopay
Genre: Amateur, Asian, Blowjob, Creampie, Petite, Pov, Swallow, Teen, Straight

Description: Although I’m a cosmopolitan monger who likes whores of all colors, shapes and sizes, I still tend to gravitate towards slim, skinny girls when I’m on the hunt at gogo bars and massage parlors. Nothing beats a cute teenage spinner with a micro-thin waist to get the blood flowing. However, as I’ve gotten older and moved towards actively breeding these fertile females, I’ve gotten more turned on by the chunky chicks. Maybe it’s the thought of their extra pounds being able to adequately nourish my future children as they grow in her belly? Maybe it’s the hope that their milky udders will grow disproportionately large as they go into their third trimester, providing delicious nutritious milk for the kids? Or maybe it’s simply the fact that I can tell she won’t miss a meal, thereby guaranteeing plenty of sustenance for my future son/daughter? Regardless of the reason, when I’m in the mood to breed I can sometimes tolerate a little extra weight on my girls. This weeks breeder, Jopay, is a perfect example. Sure, she has a few extra pounds around her tummy, but this just shows to me she will have ample room in her belly for my offspring. (Sometimes when I breed tiny spinners I worry how my western baby is going to fit into there!) Jopay had already popped out one kid from a Filipino man, but she wanted her second child to be of mixed-ethnicity. She wanted her first child to have a brother or sister, and I was happy to help. I stripped Jopay down and she gave me a nice, long blowjob, getting me sufficiently aroused to impregnate the little whore. I fucked Jopay in multiple positions, finally dumping my valuable seed deep into the nooks and crannies of her fertile, productive birth canal. I slid one of my corks deep into the folds of Jopay’s smooth, shaved slit and we waited 15 minutes for her egg to fertilize. After the timer went off, I uncorked her pussy and watched with fatherly satisfaction as my milky white seed oozed out of her fertile cunt. Jopay thanked me profusely and left without even taking a shower. I think she wanted to let any lingering sperm stay in there as long as possible, and that was fine with me. I haven’t seen Jopay since, but one of her friends told me she is happily 7 months pregnant right now with a “foreigner’s baby.” Hmmmm...I wonder whose that could be? Hehehe….

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