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Katy Rose, Stacy Cruz Forest Feast [HD 816]

HD 816
Katy Rose, Stacy Cruz Forest Feast
Porn category: Hardcore / Solo / Threesome or more
Format: [xfvalue_format]
Resolution: 1920x816
Quality: HD 816
Duration: 00:35:52
File Size: 2.07 GB
Genre: All Sex, Couple, Hardcore

Description: A beautifully filmed cinematic approach to our outdoor threesome sex scene. This adult movie is curated to bring the excitement of alfresco sexual fantasy to our pleasure platform. It combines the joys of solo pleasure and group sex by exploring what might happen if stumbled upon by some naughty strangers while masturbating alone in the middle of a forest at dusk. This passion-filled threesome sex movie begins with the pleasures to be found in masturbation and the sexual benefits of female self-pleasure. Stacy Cruz lounges on the all-white bed linen as the afternoon light slowly dips. Her hands roam across her stunning body, taking pleasure in her own flesh as she reaches for her aroused pussy. Surrounded by nothing but the fresh air and trees around her, Stacy revels in her personal sensual seduction giving us an erotic display of female sexuality and pleasure. She’s fully absorbed in her own erotic world and satisfies her need… but there is more to come… The scene shifts as Stacy is discovered by an equally aroused couple, who approach the gorgeous forest nymph and join her on the bed. It’s clear we are about to witness some deliciously natural outdoor threesome sex. No words are spoken as the sexy action unfolds, beginning with light kisses and caresses. Ridge and Katy lavish attention on Stacy, firing her lust and arousal back up and making her hungry for more pleasure. Then it’s Ridge’s turn to lie back and feel the love while the two women indulge his body and cock with kisses under the glow of the evening sun. The exposed risk of outdoor threesome sex paired with an erotic solo opening scene creates exposed intimate pleasure. Can you imagine the cool air, soft wind and purple-hazed sky around you? The warmth of hot bodies and naked skin? Who wouldn’t want to join in? Group sex as a gloriously natural act, this FFM video challenges the rigid structures of sexuality to focus on pleasure for all. We hope you enjoy watching.

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