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Selena D - Friends Gaming Nude [FullHD 1080]

FullHD 1080
Selena D - Friends Gaming Nude
Porn category: Solo / Lingerie
Format: [xfvalue_format]
Resolution: 1920x1080
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:49:19
File Size: 1.76 GB
Actress: Selena D
Genre: Solo

Description: Fans of girls with adorable English accents are in for a treat, as bubbly shoot producer Madelaine has invited her sweet pal Selena over, to enjoy their favourite hobby together. "We're going to play loads of games, I can't wait!" Selena declares. Madelaine challenges Selena to undress, as she whips the controller towards the screen, during video badminton. Selena keeps scoring points while removing her tiny shorts and tank top, so her next task is to strip off her lingerie with no hands. Both girls laugh as Selena wriggles out of her frilly panties, and her huge boobs bounce from her bra. "That was actually very impressive!" Madelaine exclaims. Wearing nothing but her glasses, Selena straddles the camera while playing a bowling game, so her fuzzy bush can be filmed from below. Feeling creative, she holds the controller with her bare feet, then squeezes it between her breasts. Madelaine adorns Selena's body with sparkly stars, amazed by her friend's nude gaming skills: "I've never even gotten a point playing that game with my hands!" she declares. After Selena cools down with stretches and relaxes with her legs open, she hops in the shower. Her curves jiggle delightfully as she lathers up and dries off, then happily announces: "I feel all nice and refreshed!".

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