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Serene Siren, Chloe Surreal - Bake Sale Bet [FullHD 1080]

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Serene Siren, Chloe Surreal - Bake Sale Bet
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Description: Chloe Surreal is grumpily manning a table at a school bake sale. Her stepmom, Serene Siren, comes by to check how she's doing, but is surprised to learn Chloe hasn't made many sales. Chloe complains that things aren't going well, and Serene points out that Chloe needs to be more enthusiastic - nobody wants to buy from a sourpuss. However, Chloe isn't convinced. Serene makes a bet. If Serene can help get a line of customers for Chloe, then Chloe has to work harder for the rest of the day. If Serene fails, then Chloe can pack up and go home. Chloe agrees, and to her surprise, Serene goes beneath the table and starts eating out her pussy. Chloe is shocked, but receptive. As Serene continues to eat out Chloe, the pleasure helps Chloe to become less grumpy and more approachable. Before long, Chloe starts to attract eager customers (Aria Carson, Emma Rosie, Maya Farrell, Nova Vixen) who line up for some tasty baked goods - and none of them realize that Serene is enjoying her stepdaughter's tasty pussy underneath the table! Later, after the bake sale, Serene is proud of Chloe because all of the baked treats were sold. Serene congratulates Chloe, and then offers the best treat of all, SEX, to celebrate.

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