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Miracle Whip Cave Dweller [HD 720]

HD 720
Miracle Whip Cave Dweller
Porn category: Hardcore / Interracial / Blonde / Big Dick
Format: [xfvalue_format]
Resolution: 1280x720
Quality: HD 720
Duration: 00:50:50
File Size: 1.82 GB
Genre: Big Black Cock, Black Cock, Blonde, Deep Throat, Extreme, Face Fuck, Hardcore, Ir, Throat Fuck, Throat Fucking

Description: If Yakub never invented YT then mayo would never have been a thought, and even worse, miracle whip. This is where the big-headed scientist went wrong and kemet was forever ruined by these mayo marauders. But I was not about to have none of it and hit the mayo valve all the yt women have. My fat fukkin dick opened the valve and she was covered. I slapped her around like I was the Fresh Prince. I fucked that sun ducker pussy with my BBC and split her pussy open wide like Strahan's teeth. Then I put my king nut all over her yappin Karen face and I went back to lay'n in the cut as she cleaned the crib.

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