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Ella Hughes-Space Junk - Episode 3 [FullHD 1080]

FullHD 1080
Ella Hughes-Space Junk - Episode 3
Porn category: Hardcore
Format: [xfvalue_format]
Resolution: 2160x1080
Quality: FullHD 1080
Duration: 00:38:48
File Size: 1.21 GB
Actress: Ella Hughes
Genre: All Sex, Couple, Hardcore, Feature

Description: The junk you thought you left behind might just find you when you least expect it. Dex (Xander Corvus) and Hudson (Danny D) are ready to get the ship repaired when gangster Krieger and his men show up, while more of his goons beam aboard the ship! Jaz (Ella Hughes) takes them down, with some help and encouragement from the saucy holo Trix (GeishaKyd) and Kami (Tru Kait), while Dex and Hudson get into a shootout with Krieger. After a narrow escape, they crash-land on an alien world. The crew gets to work on repairs, and Jaz wants to work off some adrenaline by letting captain Dex fuck her ass! But when Kami catches a glimpse of them together, will she toss her trust for Dex on the scrap heap?

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